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You may be a seasoned ISCA exhibitor, or just someone starting out. Either way, here are few helpful tips when showing your vehicle:

1. Keep your vehicle OPEN (hood, door, trunk) at all times. Judging goes on when the show is
closed and judges are not allowed to open anything that is closed.

2. Past trophies, pictures and documentation are nice to have in your display, but the judges need room to move around the display to judge your vehicle thoroughly. So, be sure to leave ample space for the judges to maneuver around your vehicle.

3. What judges refer to as “hidden areas” – hard to see and hard to get to – are what they look at for work and detail. Pay attention to fastener type, plugging un-used holes and neat wire routing. Looking after these details isn’t costly, but will earn good results when being judged.

4. If you are trying to qualify for the ISCA Championship Finals in Chicago, don’t plan on winning your last point in Detroit. It is a highly competitive show, and exhibitors are sometimes disappointed when it doesn’t go as they planned. Therefore, you might want to plan on entering an additional show before Detroit as a hedge on your bet to reach the finals.

So, when showing your vehicle, remember to keep it OPEN, ACCESSIBLE and CLEAN. But most importantly, HAVE FUN!

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