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Gearing Up for the 2019/2020 Season!

Things are shaping up for another great season of the ISCA Summit Racing Equipment Show Car Series!

While looking ahead, let’s look back and recap the winners and their cash prizes from the 2018/2019 Championship Finals:

Grand Champions: Johnny Martin & Greg Hrehovcsik, ’57 Chevy 150, $5,000.00

Custom Category:
1st (Category Champion): Johnny Martin & Greg Hrehovcsik, ’57 Chevy 150, $5,000.00
2nd: Tad Leach, ’58 Lincoln, $2,500.00
3rd: Dan Coleman, ’56 Ford, $1,500.00
4th: Erick Poussart, ’95 Honda, $1,000.00
5th: Jeff England, ’56 Chevy, $750.00
5th: Edward Harvey, ’64 Corvette, $750.00
5th: Andrew Petrillo, ’62 Corvette, $750.00

Rod Category:
1st (Category Champion): Richard Broyles, ’41 Ford, $5,000.00
2nd: Harold Schrader, ’39 Ford, $2,500.00
3rd: Samuel Lynn, ’33 Ford, $1,500.00

Truck Category:
1st (Category Champion): Ron Dawson, ’53 Mercury, $5,000.00
2nd: Adrean Shelton, ’49 Chevy, $2,500.00

Street Machine/Comp Category:
1st (Category Champion): Loy McDonald, ’54 Chevy, $5,000.00

Restored Category:
1st (Category Champion): Jeep Compton, ’64 Ford, $5,000.00
2nd: Jerry Harris, ’70 Dodge, $2,500.00
3rd: Doug Junois, ’57 Corvette, $1,500.00

Your name can be on this list in 2020!!! To qualify for the Championship Finals, you must accumulate a total of at least four points. You can do this by winning either an Outstanding or Best in Category Award in at least four shows or win a combination of at least two of the following Outstanding awards in at least four shows: Detail, Engineered, Undercarriage, Paint, Engine or Interior.

The season continues beginning with the Houston AutoRama November 28th-December 1st. We hope to see many more of you on the circuit and at the 2020 Championship Finals in Chicago March 6-8, 2020!

If you have any questions on competing in the ISCA Summit Racing Equipment Show Car Series, you may direct them to Paul Potocki at 586-943-0202 or

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