Big Winners at AutoRama Montreal

Congratulations to the winners at the 4th Annual AutoRama Montreal! Top Awards in the ISCA/Summit Racing Equipment Show Car Series went to: Luc Mathieu’s ’60 Chevy Corvette (Best Restored); Don Hamilton’s ’37 Ford Truck (Best Rod); Gil Leblanc’s ’59 Chevy Corvette (Best Street Machine/Comp); Ron Dawson’s ’53 Mercury Pickup; and Ronson Burton’s ’63 Chevy Nova.

Here is a list of the Outstanding Award winners: Custom – Martin Desbois, ’96 Cadillac; Sports/Sports Compact – Jean Desbois; Full/Radical/Handbuilt Custom – David Gravelle, ’51 Chevy Bel Air; Truck – Eddy Tassi, ’51 Chevy Pickup; Competition – Serge Giroux, ’14 Chevy Camaro; Street Machine – Bruno Belanger, ’63 Chevy Corvette; Restored – Alain Portelance, ’57 Chevy Corvette. Jessica Neveau earned the Rising Star award for here ’74 Dodge Challenger.

Pictures will be posted when they are received.

FéIicitations / Congratulations!

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